Senior Servants

Our Senior servants remain a vital part of our family. With the changing dynamic of families, extended and blended families there is a growing need to get everyone involved. 

We believe our Senior Servants are one of our most valuable assets. They are a pro-active group that looks for opportunities to server and contribute their time and energy. On top of that that they pour their hearts out to help one another and to help our younger families fill gaps that may exist. 

Just a few of the ways in which our Senior Servants server follows:

  • Thanksgiving Baskets for our Shut In's
  • Monthly Bible Studies
  • Small Group Studies
  • Kingdom Kids
  • Hope Church
  • Men's Breakfast
  • Women's Prayer Group



















Young Professional / Young Families (YPYF)

This growing group at Arlington is made up of young adult singles, single again, newly married couples and couples with young children.  

The group meets the first Sunday of each month for a small group Bible study at 5 p.m.  They either meet in a home or at the church building.  
Small Groups are an integral part of who we are and how we grow. 
The YPYF ministry also has a monthly fellowship gathering and includes events like: 
  • game night 
  • guys or girl’s night out 
  • hiking 
  • camping
  • movie nights          
  • These events help grow relationships.  

Jason McDougal, Alan Groves, and David Price help organize this ministry.



Arlington Youth

We take a slightly different view of youth ministry than some churches.  We don’t believe the responsibility for the spiritual formation of our youth lies with a youth minister.  We believe parents are responsible so we attempt to come alongside them in this vital role.   We don’t want to isolate our youth from their parents.  We want the family to grow together.  Our Sunday morning worship assembly is fully integrated where the entire family is encouraged to worship as a unit.   Each Sunday is family Sunday.  We do have a training / cry room for toddlers and a staffed nursery to offer assistance if needed.  There is an optional children’s sermon that those three to eight years of age can attend after communion is served if they desire during the sermon.


  • We do provide activities for youth to gather and grow in their relationships with each other, but parents are always invited and encouraged to attend.  
  • We have classes for youth on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.  
  • We also have fall family camp at Hillbrook Camp in Karns.  
  • We attend Winterfest in February of each year – a large youth rally for the middle and high school age.  
  • Our kids are invited to participate in Knoxville Work Camp at the beginning of summer (usually the first week of June).  
  • We also have weekly service opportunies for our youth on Monday afternoons where we serve the youth of Hope Central/Just Lead, an afterschool program for inner city youth at our church building.  That program runs Monday through Friday, but we especially encourage our youth and our members to volunteer on that day.