Mark Brackney 

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Ministry Background 

Mark Brackney and his family have been with the Arlington Church of Christ since January of 2003. He preaches, teaches, conducts personal and group Bible studies, performs weddings, funerals, and leads our community outreach and evangelism efforts. Mark received a Bachelors of Religious Education from Rochester College in Michigan and a Masters of Arts in Ministry from Oklahoma Christian University. Spending over ten years in youth and family life ministry before coming to the Arlington church, he believes the Christian life is to be one of joy and attempts to convey that idea through his textually based sermons and classes. 

Mark is involved in the community in a number of ways, including being on the Board of the Knoxville Ambassadors (Knoxville Christian Home Educators Athletic Association), active in the Knoxville Kiwanis Club (past President and serves as summer camp chairman of the Kiwanis Fresh Air Camp for needy and disabled children), and teaches a Biblical Worldview class for high school students at a homeschool coop where his children attend (Christian Education Enrichment Cooperative),. 

Mark and Christine married in December of 1990. God has blessed them with seven children. They enjoy serving the Lord as a family and their hobbies include: camping, singing, playing instruments, reading, farming, basketball, hiking, running, and watching UT sports (also the Detroit Lions, but we won't talk about that).

Tommy Drinnen - Associate Minister

We are grateful to have Tommy Drinnen working with us as our local missionary in his role as Executive Director at Hope Central (501c3 non profit ministry) ministering to youth and families in the Parkridge community of East Knoxville. Tommy's work is full time in this inner city ministry that brings hope to the families of Knoxville.

Several other churches of Christ in Knoxville are also involved in this work: Hardin Valley, Laurel, Maryville, and Farragat.

Tommy grew up at Arlington where his dad served as one of our elders. Tommy came to Arlington after working at the Village of Hope in Ghana, West Africa for five years. His experience, wisdom, and training is a great blessing to the Arlington family.

Tommy is also a regular teacher in our Sunday morning classes at Arlington when he is not out speaking on behalf of Hope Central. He also assists Mark with preaching and other duties when needed. Tommy can be reached at 865-748-4564.

Mark Brackney - Elder

Phone: 865-622-0376

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