Welcome To Arlington

Arlington Church of Christ had its beginning in 1943. Laurel Avenue Church of Christ had become overcrowded, and its leadership encouraged the formation of a new church in this area, partly to relieve the congestion at Laurel, and partly to strengthen the gospel in Knoxville by establishing another congregation. As a result, a small group with 25 to 30 members started meeting in the old Broadway Theatre, in the 3400 block of Broadway, N.E. This group was known as the Arlington Church of Christ. 

The church continued to meet in the old theatre, undaunted by any obstacles they encountered. They purchased land for a building on Fairmont Avenue; but this was later disposed of, and a larger tract of land was purchased on the corner of Clearview Avenue and Tecoma Drive. The land on Fairmont Avenue was later sold. On February 1, 1948, the Arlington congregation rejoiced as they held opening services in Phase 1 of their new building.

Worship Opportunities

Sunday Mornings (New Summer Meeting Times)
  • 9:30 - 10:00  Coffee, Conversation and Prayer
  • 10:00 -11:00 Worship Services (Streaming to Facebook and YouTube)
  • 11:15 - 12:00  Classes (Auditorium class Streaming to Facebook and YouTube) We also have classes for Young Families and Children.

Wednesday Evenings

  • 7:00 PM Classes (Auditorium class Streaming to Facebook and YouTube)


  • YouTube: Visit YouTube.com Login with an email address then Search for Arlington Church of Christ. (click on Subscribe).
  • Facebook: Request to join our Facebook Group: Arlington Friends, Knoxville

We are located at: 

2206 Tecoma Dr, Knoxville, TN 37917  Phone: 865-523-1764


Trauma Reboot

Trauma REBOOT is a 12-week, faith-based, peer-led course empowering everyday people to overcome trauma and embrace a brighter future. 

Too many never really heal from trauma, and trauma ends up controlling their lives. Maybe that’s you. Through practical teaching and a supportive community, Trauma REBOOT can help you begin to break free from the pain of your past and find renewed purpose and strength. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. 

God has a Mission in need of a Church.

Glorifying God, Growing Spiritually, Giving of Self in Service to others in the Name of Christ.

Arlington Pickleball Registration

Click here to register to play Pickleball this year.

Online Giving

Online Giving is so much more than just online! Our giving tools provide the ability to donate on our website or from a link on your phone or tablet. You can donate on a one time basis. Or after creating an account with an email address you can give based on a recurring schedule. With the choice of debiting directly from your checking account or by using your debit or credit card.  With an account you can get reports on your giving history at any time.

Notice: We will automatically add 2.9% to the donation to cover transaction fees charged to Arlington.  For example if you want to give $100 you will see that your account will be debited a total of $102.90. So your $100 donation is going fully to Arlington.